All-Natural Handmade Scrunchie/Bracelet -9designs ~by Yaaya~


ukA thread x Yaaya thread collaboration with Yaaya’s handmade recycled fabric yarn and other natural materials. The blend of textures and shapes makes this design is very unique and eye-catching. You can use it as a scrunchie, bracelet, or other creative ways. With ukA’s customers in mind, Yaaya made these yarns and threads that people would fall in love with.

Each item is a one-of-a-kind mixed with an array of fabric yarn, raw silk, and cotton threads. Our ukA x Yaaya yarn has been plant-dyed with foraged raw materials.

※ With that being said, some yarn and decorative parts may differ from the photographed photo.

Message from Yaaya:
This time, the yarn that I used was made from tearing modern clothes with cute patterns to weave into recycled yarn. There are also woven Thai cotton and raw silk blended into the yarn. I feel that this yarn will be a great way to connect with the rest of the world both past and present.


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