Bandhani Plant Dyed Tank/Tunic -3colors ~by Natsumi-ya~


Natsumi-ya one-of-a-kind hand-selected these beautiful tailor-made tunics in India.

This cotton top has a soft A-line that hugs the body just right. These hand-dyed, hand-sewn garments are absolutely wonderful, aren’t they? It’s truly luxurious. Scroll down to read the details about the bandhani dye technique.

Natsumi-ya fell in love with this tunic when she saw it and felt compelled to spread the craftsmanship of independent designer Yogin Chauhan. Like the stars scattered in the night sky, the calculated and arranged bandhani pattern is beautiful from any angle! It’s so elegant and chic yet playful.

There’s only one of each color!

Product Size:
Light Indigo – front length 77cm; back length 85cm; chest 50cm (stretch); shoulder width 34cm; waist 57cm.
Madder – front length 75cm; back length 87cm; chest 55cm (stretch); shoulder width 34cm; waist 64cm.
Khaki-Grey – front length 77cm; back length 85cm; chest 54cm (stretch); shoulder width 35cm; waist 64cm.

Model in first photo: height 169cm.

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Color Khaki-Grey light-indigo Madder Dye
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