Batik Rainbow Tree, Natural Dyed Square Top ~by Chillnoki~


The clothes that Chillnoki creates stem from the joyful experiences that she had since a child. When she is in the process of creating, she is overflowing with contentment as she rolls up her sleeves and becomes one with her work. Chillnoki hopes that the wearer will also see and feel her love and essence of childhood infused into her pieces.

This Rainbow Tree batik top is dyed with persimmon. Natural dyes like persimmon give off a special texture and tone compared to chemical dyes.

Chillnoki’s creations are all one-of-a-kind, special items.
Each piece varies from similar-looking pieces because they are all hand-dyed and hand-painted with the wax resist.


Product Size: length front 50cm/back 56cm; chest 124cm (stretch); sleeves (CB) 31cm.

Model in first photo: 167 cm tall wearing Standard size.
(Model: bust 81cm; under-bust 71cm; waist 68cm; hips 91cm).

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