Earrings with OM charm, Natural Stone Bead and Tassels -3 designs ~by Vani~


New brand, Vani, joins the ukA tribe!
Tassels made of silk flutter in the wind as they hand gracefully on the ears. All 3 colors are very elegant and effortless to coordinate with your outfits all year long. There are natural stone beads and OM brass charm that makes these earrings almost like a talisman. Depending on the color of the tassel, it will have a different accompanying stone to accent the piece.

3 Designs:
– Smoky Quartz x Consciousness Tassel
– Onyx x New Moon Tassel
– Moonstone x White Tassel

Product Size: approx. length 7.5cm (OM charm to the bottom of tassel)

Color Moonstone × White Tassel Onyx x New Moon Tassel Smoky Quartz × Consciousness Tassel
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