Eudialyte + Amethyst Macrame Necklace ~by Freaky Hands~


Freaky Hands travels the world to handpick their high-quality natural stones and crystals to incorporate into their macrame jewelry. Each creation is one-of-a-kind.

This gorgeous necklace has neutral, earthy tones that make it versatile to coordinate with what you have at home. Not only is it a fashion statement to wear Freaky Hands’ creations but they can also be worn like talismans too.

The origin of Eudialyte stems from Greek which translates to ‘easy to decompose’. The reason is that it is easily soluble in acids. Today, though it is rare to find Eudialyte, they are most likely to be found in Russia, Canada, Greenland, Madagascar, and Norway. Because there is zirconium found in Eudialyte, it is also known as one of the rare, collector minerals that are sought after.

To some, Eudialyte is called “the stone of the heartland” because it has been said that the stone helps bring balance to the heart. It is believed that it bridges the gap between what must be done and what the heart wishes to ground within oneself. Since the mineral is closely aligned with rooting to the heart, it’s known to be associated with the heart chakra and root chakra. Some people believe that it actually unites all chakras to ignite Kundalini energy because the heart is open and the soul is ignited.

Product Size: pendant 3×7cm; necklace length 32-80cm.

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