Hand-carved Triple Helix Ebony Wooden Hairpin with Garden Quartz & Stippled Silver Inlay ~by Techura works~


Beautiful hand-carved wooden hairpin by Techura Works. Techura Works produces unique wooden accessories with ebony and rosewood. Techura Works also incorporates original techniques such as spirals & mineral inlays. Simple tools are used to create these works of art. It takes a lot of time & effort because it’s 100% made by hand.

The details of this triple helix + hexagonal column cone wooden piece are so gorgeous! Natural stone is embedded in the tip of the triple spiral design of this ebony hairpin. The silver inlay of silver streaks sparkles & accents the wooden hairpin.

※ One-of-a-kind Design ※

Product Size: height 16.3cm, width 2.3cm

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