Plant-dyed Silk and Wool Shawl -3colors ~by Terra~


Each garment is made by hand and hand-dyed. Terra cherishes every single garment and puts in the care from start to finish. Terra bridges the gap between eco-friendly, comfort, and beauty. Since these fabrics directly touch our skin, Terra chooses to use all-natural fibers that can be worn by sensitive folks as well. Enjoy the unique and gentle color transformations that plant-dyes offer.

There are some people who believe that plant dyed garments absorb therapeutic qualities from the original plant. In Japan, kimonos have been dyed with raw plant matter for decades. To this day, the tradition has carried on but has gained more attention in recent years.

Product Size:  length 177cm, width 65cm.

Color Cochineal Dye Indigo & Chestnut Dye Madder Dye
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