Son of Light Organic Hemp Charity Tote Bag (Artist Collaboration: Ai takabatake)


In 2016, just before UKA was to launch the ~Son of Light Pray for Nepal~ products onto the Japanese site, a devastating 7.0M earthquake struck in Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu. After discussing with the Son of Light team, we all decided that we would raise funds to directly support those who were affected in Kumamoto and Oita.

Designs for both bags are different on each side. Depending on your mood, you can interchange the sides! This year the bag has been designed with a refreshing green color. Because it is made of 100% organic hemp, it is not only durable but it also has many qualities that you may find very interesting! (Check out our hemp article to learn about this sustainable textile)

◯Mandala version ◯
Mandala artist, AI Takabatake, who lives in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa drew up this design for Son of Light to support Nepalese orphans and schools that were built by Son of Light. (See Son of Light for details)

◯Singing bowl & Son of Light version◯
This design was illustrated by, Aki Takahashi for Singing bowl and Son of Light.

Product Size: length 40cm, width 33cm; straps 49cm.

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