Zero Waste Biodegradable Grass Straws ~by Hayami~


    We’re so excited to share Hayami’s chemical-free, sustainable Lepironia grass straws with the rest of the world!
    We have a small trial box of 50 straws and commercial size for establishment owners (cafes, restaurants, food trucks…).

    [Biodegradable] It can be returned back to nature & decomposed within a few months.
    [Sustainability] After using straws, they can be reused as livestock feed or farm fertilizer.
    [High quality] More durable than paper straws.
    [Chemical-free] No chemical substances are used in all manufacturing processes.
    [Support for developing countries] We manufacture and sell products in collaboration with farmers in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Product Size: single straw – height 20cm; width 4~7mm; weight 0.5~0.8mm.

    See below for more information.

    Size 1 Box (50 straws) 10 Boxes (500 straws)
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